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Best Buddies Challenge
with Sabrina Radke
Hearst Castle -It’s all in support of Best Buddies International, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. At the event, you will ride, run or walk along side Best Buddies participants. You’ll see the impact...

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with Sabrina Radke

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OCT 07
10:30 AM
Personal On-Demand Assistant Webinar
with Sabrina Radke
Virtual assistant, personal assistant

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OCT 06
10:00 AM
Writer Assistant Webinar
with Sabrina Radke

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OCT 05
10:00 AM
Travel assistant
with Sabrina Radke
loyalty+programs,travel,Travel agent,

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OCT 04
10:00 AM
Film "How To Do" Videos Webinar
with Sabrina Radke
Video maker, tutorials, online expert

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OCT 03
10:00 AM
Website Tester Assistant Webinar
with Sabrina Radke
Website Testers

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Blog of Sabrina Radke

Mar 21, 2016 23:28

Get our latest recipes and expert tips on Easter Recipes, Menus, and Egg Decorating Tips

Here are few recipes for EASTER

Apr 02, 2015 15:44

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Hello From California This is a test

Apr 02, 2015 15:36

Healthy Recipes for Teens

Cooking healthy recipes for teens ensures that you infuse the meal with mindful awareness of how you are treating your and your family’s bodies, forces you to be present as you prepare, and most likely will lead to social interaction with the family. Additionally, compared with eating out, you can control the amount of fat, sugar, and extra calories that go into your food which has obvious short term and long term healthy benefits.

Here are a few healthy recipes for teens that not only taste delicious, but are full of green and yellow lights. Encourage your teen to help in the kitchen and get creative with the spices and ingredients. The beautiful thing about cooking is that you can’t mess up as long as you are aware of what your flavor preferences are.Teens and families

Mar 23, 2015 16:50

TED Conference last week

Monika Lewinski First Talk Online available now Quotes from her TED Talk:

“ I was patient zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.”

“You're looking at a woman who was publicly silent for a decade. Obviously, that's changed, but only recently.” ”

“ and reliving a time when both of my parents feared that I would be humiliated to death, literally.”

“A marketplace has emerged where public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry. How is the money made? Clicks. ”

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